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The Company :

The focus of Harrisson is the design and manufacturing of mechanics for electronics manufacturing; tools for pick & place, printing, feeding and robotics. This focus is the logical result of years of specific experience in manufacturing electronics. Cooperation with you as a customer or user and with the your equipment manufacturer (OEM) is essential for realizing a working solution for your equipment or process.  Check out the products below and feel free to contact me for your request.



Nozzles & grippers

The great advantage of surface mounted devices is that they can be picked and placed with high speed  robots which makes your factory efficient and competitive. Automatic handling can however be complicated if you have to handle special parts, with special functions and shapes, which need special tools for handling. Examples are connectors, relays, switches or complete printed circuit board. For hundreds of different parts we have made a solution, so there is a good chance we can help you to handle a specific component automatically. With a specification and samples of the part we can make a design and proposal for a special nozzle or gripper for your factory. 

Below a collection of LEDs, rings, inserts, fuses, clips, connectors, relays, and a transformer for which Harrisson made tooling.


Board support

Printing solder paste on the second side (often TOP-side) of a double sided board requires a specific tool to support the circuit while pushed down by the squeegee.  We design the best possible board support for your circuit by creating the maximum support area.  In this way you reduce your voids, short circuits, rework and waste and improve your factories profitability.



Tray feeders can handle trays which feed components to the smd-mounter but not always standard trays are available and in this case we

design and manufacture a special tray. In this way automation makes big steps in an exceptional short time frame.


One step further then a specific tray  is that sometimes a special feeder needs to be developed.  Below you see an AMS label printer integrated in a label feeder

and this enables you to stick your labels directly on a printed circuit board.


Static analysis

If required a design can be checked with a static analysis (FEM) to determine the stress or displacement of the construction. Below an example of a specific board support used in a screen printing process of which the displacements due to bending are visualized. Blue = 0mm, red = 0,003245 mm displacement.


Process support

  • Your process depends on many different aspects as equipment, parts, procedures and people and possibly we can help you to find opportunitys to improve. Amazing results are possible by cooperation within all the disciplines  because they all have an important influence on the manufacturing process. Interesting for you might be a comprehensive process guide for SMT, which is available for you, free of charge. It describes in detail the process parameters of screen printing, smd mounting and reflowsoldering, and also how to recognize errors and how to correct them. You will also find recommendations for improving your SMT line speed and efficiency. Please send me an email in which you ask for this document and i will return a copy (in englisch or dutch).

      Here a practical check of the solder paste quality as an example of the contence of the process guide:

  1. solder paste is normally stored in a refrigerator

  2. take the solder paste at least 4 hours before usage to your production floor in order to gain temperature

  3. check the expiration date of a new pot with paste (supplier) and write the date of today on the pot

  4. check a used pot for the; expiration date (supplier) and open pot life with the written date (=pot opened).

  5. perform a solderability test by putting a drop of paste on an epoxy or ceramic board, reflow and check the result (see picture below)

  6. the solderability of the paste itself is perfect if the paste flows to one particle, other results need attention










Additional values:

  • Projects are created and realized together with the best skilled and most reliable partners in engineering and manufacturing in Europe.

  • We have a high level of expertise in SMT equipment, knowledge of materials, product-,  and process development for electronics manufacturing on printed circuit board and wafer assembly level. 

  • Harrisson is creative orientated and the inventor of several patents for Harrisson BV, Yamaha-motor, BFS  and K&S (former assembleon).

  • The SMT process guide is available for you, free of charge (let me know you are interested).